Thursday, March 12, 2020

I lost it!

Did you have a bad day? Did you say something cruel? Did you allow yourself to get frustrated by something that wasn't worth getting so worked up about? Did you simply lose control of yourself for a moment?

"The soul is like a bowl of water, and our impressions are like the ray of light falling upon the water. When the water is troubled it appears the light itself is moved too, but it isn't. So, when a person loses their composure it isn't their skills and virtues that are troubled, but the spirit in which they exist, and when that spirit calms down, so do those things." - Epictetus

None of us are perfect. We all make mistakes and regret them almost immediately. Be kind to yourself and remember that the skills and virtues by which we have chosen to live our lives are always there, even in the midst of our emotional responses. Stop. Re-calibrate yourself. Your values are right there where you left them. 

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