Monday, December 23, 2019

A Path To Happiness

Stoicism emphasizes self-restraint. The idea is that we can then develop clear judgment and inner peace. The path to happiness is accepting the present moment as it is. Many times that is easier said than done. People in our lives can act in very insensitive, unthoughtful, and hurtful ways.

So how do we exact our revenge? How do we keep track of the score? How do we make sure that other person hurts too? How do we hold a grudge because they hurt us? How do we hang  onto past hurts and allow them to impact today's decisions?

Well, Marcus has given us an idea on how to take care of all of those things:  "The best revenge is to be unlike him who performed the injury."

So what will you do? Will you continue to allow the actions of others to negatively impact your life? Stay focused on what you can control. Forgive. Let go of past hurts. Don't worry about the future. Accept the present moment. Learn to love and embrace your fate. 

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